GlobalCarton is one of the leading companies who offers a vast range of printing services such as offset printing, flexo printing and screen printing. We are equipped with the latest machineries and tools with a team of skilled and experienced machine operators that helps you in marketing and branding your business by fulfilling your any kind of printing needs.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the efficient printing techniques which fulfils the need for larger quantities and accurate and clean colour reproduction. In offset printing, the plates made of Aluminum are used to transfer the image from plates onto a ‘rubber blanket’, then this rubber blanket transfers the image onto a sheet of paper. This technique is also known as offset lithography or litho-offset.

Flexo Printing

Flexo printing is a type of printing which uses a flexible relief photopolymer plate to transfer the image on flexible items. These plates are wrapped around each cylinder for different colour reproduction. When the sheet of paper is passed, the colour corresponding to the cylinder is reproduced on the paper. This type of printing is used to transfer the images on plastic bags, gift wraps, tissue, disposable cups-plates, shopping bags, bottles, cell phones etc.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a form of printing, which uses a mesh screen, squeegee and ink to transfer the stencilled image onto flat surfaces.  The stencil is created on the mesh and then ink is pushed through the mesh to transfer and create the image. This technique is very useful for creating multiple copies of the same images on different garments, clothes, uniforms and sports items with intense colours.